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cosmology astronomy britannica com - cosmology is the scientific study of the universe as a unified whole from its earliest moments through its evolution to its ultimate fate the currently accepted cosmological model is the big bang in this picture the expansion of the universe started in an intense the cosmological expansion, infinite internet encyclopedia of philosophy - the infinite working with the infinite is tricky business zeno s paradoxes first alerted philosophers to this in 450 b c e when he argued that a fast runner such as achilles has an infinite number of places to reach during the pursuit of a slower runner, modern cosmology philosophy paperback amazon com - buy modern cosmology philosophy on amazon com free shipping on qualified orders, time internet encyclopedia of philosophy - time time is what a clock is used to measure information about time tells the durations of events and when they occur and which events happen before which others so time has a very significant role in the universe s organization, hegel whitehead chardin trailblazers of a new cosmology - hegel whitehead chardin trailblazers of a new cosmology copyright 1993 by john r mabry introduction we aren t accustomed to think in terms of the whole in, problems in philosophy and physics information philosopher - here we review some great questions of philosophy for which information philosophy now provides us with the possibility of fuller understanding with plausible and practical if tentative solutions to philosophical problems that have been known for millennia as well as major problems in physics from the twentieth century, amazon com infinite life awakening to bliss within - one of time magazine s 25 most influential people in america writes about taking responsibility for our own happiness and our actions robert thurman is america s most popular and charismatic buddhist his first book inner revolution is an international bestseller and his lectures sell out to thousands infinite life demonstrates that our every action has infinite consequences for ourselves, philosophical dictionary ambiguity anselm - ambiguity the presence of two or more distinct meanings for a single word or expression in itself ambiguity is a common harmless and often amusing feature of ordinary language when unnoticed in the context of otherwise careful reasoning however it can lead to one of several informal fallacies example i ll give you a ring tomorrow could signify either the promise of a gift of, traditional battles between christianity science bad - in later medieval thought the earth was a disk flat and round so it was theoretically possible to find the edge of the world and break through to the first heaven, the wild heretic when you have eliminated all which is - the forum rules are simple no trolls i don t go onto atheist skeptic mainstream consensus keepers of the faith s forums and blogs and start pushing the concave earth and the glass sky and other topics so i don t expect them to do the same on my forum, the 7 most intriguing philosophical arguments for the - to be clear these are philosophical arguments they re neither rooted in religious scripture nor any kind of scientific observation or fact many of these arguments some of which date back, guest post don page on god and cosmology sean carroll - don page is one of the world s leading experts on theoretical gravitational physics and cosmology as well as a previous guest blogger around these parts there are more world experts in theoretical physics than there are people who have guest blogged for me so the latter category is arguably a greater honor, cosmological argument stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - 1 historical overview although in western philosophy the earliest formulation of a version of the cosmological argument is found in plato s laws 893 96 the classical argument is firmly rooted in aristotle s physics viii 4 6 and metaphysics xii 1 6 islamic philosophy enriches the tradition developing two types of arguments