The Hidden Galleon The True Story Of A Lost Spanish Ship And The Legendary Wild Horses Of Assateague Island -

the hidden galleon the true story of a lost spanish ship - the hidden galleon the true story of a lost spanish ship and the legendary wild horses of assateague island john amrhein jr on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers on the island of assateague along the seacoast of maryland and virginia there is a breed of horses that has run wild for centuries legend says they originated from a long lost spanish galleon, treasure island the untold story john amrhein jr - it happened in 1750 fifty two chests of silver pieces of eight were stolen from a spanish galleon at ocracoke north carolina and carried to the west indies where most of it was buried on norman island a deserted key in the british virgin islands, the charles wilson treasure a legend buried in shifting - the treasure buried by charles wilson would be worth ten million dollars today ten chests filled with precious gems silver and gold bullion that have never been found despite that wilson wrote explicit directions to the stashed riches