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charles beem tudor historian - i earned my bachelor s degree in history at california state university at northridge my masters in medieval history at northern arizona university and my ph d at the university of arizona where i studied early modern and modern british history, isabella of france wikipedia - isabella of france 1295 22 august 1358 sometimes described as the she wolf of france was queen of england as the wife of edward ii and regent of england from 1326 until 1330 she was the youngest surviving child and only surviving daughter of philip iv of france and joan i of navarre queen isabella was notable at the time for her beauty diplomatic skills and intelligence, isabella i of castile wikipedia - life and reign early years isabella was born in madrigal de las altas torres vila to john ii of castile and his second wife isabella of portugal on 22 april 1451 at the time of her birth she was second in line to the throne after her older half brother henry iv of castile henry was 26 at that time and married but childless, royalty nu the history of europe european royalty - on dvd these dvds are formatted for north american audiences fall of eagles in the late 19th century three ruling houses dominated europe the hapsburgs of austria hungary the romanovs of russia and hohenzollerns of germany, game of thrones nightmare fuel tv tropes - the assassin who failed to kill daenerys who is forced to walk tied behind her and drogo s horse naked and exposed to the elements the state he s in he doesn t look like he s going to last long, descendants of william the conqueror c 1028 1087 - 1 william the conqueror duke of normandy king of england 1 2 son of robert i duke of normandy and harlette de falaise was born about 1028 in falaise normandy france and died on 9 sep 1087 in rouen normandy france about age 59 other names for william were william of normandy and william i king of england birth notes wikipedia william the conqueror and thepeerage com give b in